The Shoso-in Bulletin


The Shoso-in Bulletin wis an international Sherlockian magazine, published by The Men with the Twisted Konjo, published from 1991 to 2004. 

There were many Sherlockian magazines, but most of them were published and written by American and British Sherlockians. We believed there were many Sherlockian scholars in non-English speaking countries, and wanted to support them as they communicate with other countries' Sherlockians. The Shoso-in Bulletin was published in English, but contributors did not need to write perfect English articles. Our editors provided support by checking their English.

"Shoso-in" is a warehouse of relics of the Emperor Shomu of Japan (reigned 724-749). These treasures were donated by his Empress to the Todaiji Temple, where the Shoso-in resides, and have survived more than 1200 years. They are still there today. These treasures include priceless items from China, Persia, India, and Greece. Japan was the end of "silk road," and such treasures were brought to Shomu's court from all over the world.

"Shoso-in" was also mentioned in the Canon. Baron Gruner tested Watson by asking him how he associated the Emperor Shomu with the "Shoso-in" near Nara, in "The Illustrious Client."

We hoped our magazine is a new Shoso-in -- a source of treasure for Sherlockians everywhere.

Shoso-in Bulletin was edited by these pepole.


Keith E. Webb

Mel Hughes


Also supported by

John Hall

Fred Levin

Don Izban

Bob Hahn