The Shoso-in Bulletin vol.12


The First Shoso-in Bulletin Award Award

The Adventures of Two fellow-countrymen

Oksana Korolenko (Russia)

Lighting Baskerville Hall

A.G.Hunt (UK)

A Study In Violin -the Paneveggio Connection-

Enrico Solito, BSI (Italy)

No Guns Please, Weユre British

Nino Cirone (UK )

Sherlock Holmes in China

Henry P. Cheng (Taiwan, USA)

Costa a Little Less Rica or How Rodger Stapleton, Jr. Followed in His Father's Footsteps and Made Costa Rica Too Hot to Hold Him

Marshall S. Berdan (USA)

The Disappearence of the Cutter Alicia

John Hall (UK )

In Memorium Moriarty (A Funeral Ode for 4th May 1891)

Alan C. Olding, BSI (Australia)

Reporting on the Torists International, SS (an edifying Canonical experience )

Donald B. lzban, BSI (USA)

Very sincerely yours, Sherlock Holmes

Robert Lindvall (USA)

Sherlock & Sherlocko & Snoopy

Vernet a.k.a. Ed Letwenko (USA)

Holmes and the Violin

Alan C. Olding, BSI (Australia)

The P俊e Lachaise Cemetery in Paris: A Canonical and Paracanonical Ramble

Yves-Charles Fercoq, Wladimir V. Bogomoletz (France)

The Strange Persecution of John Vincent Harden

Mel Hughes and Rosemary Michaud (USA)

The Greeks Had Several Words for It A Knoxian Analysis of The Hound of the Baskervilles

Philip Weller (UK)

Twenty-three Hotels Cartwright Investigated

A. G. Hunt (UK)

The Officeboy’s Sherlock Holmes: Sexton Blake

Stu Shiffman (USA)

The Idle Killers of the KKK

Hirayama Yuichi, BSI (Japan)

The Masonic Game is Afoot: Was Sherlock Holmes a Brother?

Skip Boyer (USA)

Upon the Second Morning AfterChristmasモ

Michael Duke (Australia)

The Star-Crossed Lovers

Ira Block (USA)

An Interview with a Baker Street Cabby

Nino Cirone (UK)

My Friend Dame Jean Conan Doyle

Peter Underwood (UK)

The Holmes Phenomenon

John Hall (UK)

Mr. Holmes Comes to Tea

Pasquale Accardo, BSI (USA)

The Characteristics of Mr. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John H. Watson: A Study in Newmania

John Godl (Australia)

Featureing "Holmes of Two Worlds!"

Stu Shiffman (USA)

Sherlock Holmes and the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen

Stu Shiffman (USA)

The Holmes Phenomenon

Ivo A. Dekoning (Belgium)

Agents & Independents: Watching the Detectives

Nino Cirone(UK)

Walking Speeds in the Dartmoor Region

A. G. Hunt (UK)

Who Wants to Marry an English Load?

Stu Shiffman (USA)

Lost works of “The Lost World”

Gary Lovisi (UK)

Sherlock Holmes in Scandinavia 2001

Mia Stampe (Denmark), Nils Nordberg(Norway), Mattias Bostrom(Sweden)

Watsonian Weekend X

Alfred A. Levin, BSI (USA)

STUD ミ Watsonian Weekend 2002

Alfred A. Levin, BSI (USA)

Sherlockiana in Japan 2001-2002

Hirayama Yuichi, BSI(Japan)

The Blessing of the Baskervilles

Gianluca Salvatori (Italy)

The Ultimate Hound Celebration

Jane Weller (UK)

British Sherlockiana in 2001

John Hall (UK)


John Farrell, BSI(USA)


Thomas Przybilka (Germany)

Kindly Look Them Up, Doctor?

Cover illustration by Stu Shiffman (USA).


Edited by Hirayama Yuichi

& Mel Hughes